Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pillar and Foundation of Truth

According to 1 Tim 3:15, who or what is the pillar and foundation of all truth?
Go ahead, go look it up. I can wait.
...Thinking music...

That's right, THE CHURCH is the pillar and foundation of truth! For some reason, I can't remember noticing this verse at all before a few months ago , when I started investigating the catholic church. I know I had read it before that point, but I guess I had skipped over it, and I can only assume that anyone whose teaching I have sat under must have glanced over the verse, too.

Heck, I know that's what I would have done. Just like when you come to a verse that challenges your presuppositions, you wrestle with it a while and you come to a conclusion. Mine were usually 1 of the following:

1. It really means what it says in context, which demands of me a radical alteration of my current doctrinal stances
2. The author didn't really mean that/it was just for his time period/he's using a different definition of such and such word/it's just a minor verse anyway.

In short, the choice is to embrace the contextual meaning of the passage and reconcile one's beliefs to the text or to ignore the passage substantially.

To embrace the sacred scriptures in their entirety or to ignore them in their entirety. (for we cannot pick and choose)

Unfortunately, it seems that "bible-teaching" evangelical fundamentalists would rather reject the entire canon of scripture than embrace a passage that's too Catholic-y for their tastes.

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