Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Verses

Just a quick note to explain a new tag that I may be using frequently: "new verses".

Growing up Protestant, we were always encouraged to study the bible. However, there are many passages in Scripture that support doctrine that only the Catholic Church consistently teaches or explicitly condemn doctrine that only the Catholic Church consistently condemns.

Somehow, completely unintentionally, we who personally revere Scripture tend to skip over these tough passages. Now, knowing a bit about what the Church teaches, I seem to discover "New Verses" each time I get into the Word.

I explain it like the trick picture that is, depending upon your perspective, either kissing faces or a vase. Let's say you see the kissing faces, and your friend points out the vase image. Now, knowing the vase is there, you cannot go back to only seeing the faces.

Well, now I am seeing the beauty and truth in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and it's getting harder and harder to see why I'm not Catholic.

When I read Scriptrue, I keep "discovering" these "new verses" that aren't really new at all. To me, however, the ink still seems wet.

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