Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's with the Title?

Having started many blogs in my time (even before I realized they were called "blogs"), the earliest of which dates back to my extremely angsty, narcissistic, and confused ramblings of high school, I realize that one of the keys to a good blogging experience is a catchy name. Something athletic for the sports blogger. Something poetic for the literature blogger. Something...angsty and un-understood for the high school-ish emo-would-be blogger (as I once was).

I have many thoughts (though few are profound), and writing helps me chew them up, mull it all over. If I can write out these ruminations, I'll post them on a blog, and complete strangers can comment on them.

This was my revelation a few months ago, but I couldn't think of a name. Well, I have thought of a name (and that's why you can read this, of course). "in the silence and the thunder" is the title. It's taken from this poem:

"In the Silence and in the Thunder"
I desire a relationship with God,
Yet more greatly does He desire such with me.
I desire to seek real Truth, unchained by all our earthly fallacies,
Yet more greatly does He work to reveal it.
I want to find Him in prayer, in meditation,
in community, in solitude,
in happiness and in sorrow, rejoicing and grief.
In the silence and in the thunder.

To gaze upon gilded plaster and allow Him to transcend the gap I cannot cross.
To enter those "sermons in stone" and gaze into the Face of the One to Whom they point and know in my mind,
believe in my heart,
and speak with my spirit, mouth, and life that truth, that love, eternally echoed by the heavenly choir,
"Sanctus. Sanctus. Sanctus."

And hear Him in the silence and in the thunder.

This poem is a very brief expression of some recent changes in my journey to serve God. I hope you'll enjoy my take on things and offer some feedback. For example, if you see a huge logical error in something, let me know (kindly, please). If you think you have a book I'd enjoy, recommend it. If you want me to share a prayer request, testimony, or humorous anecdote, let me know. We'll see how it goes.

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